This move gives ‘Genesis'(es?) a bad name.

I’m talking old school Sega, The old dirty magazine, Project: Genesis from Wrath of Khan ( a great movie), and , of course, the Bible chapter.

All of those Genesis(es?) pawn this atrocious movie. Frankly, I’m not even going to review this, as by now, its pretty much clear the flick was a stinker. However, what does kill me is if you google rottentomatoes.com  and see just how many people have a crazy,distorted opinion of a films quality. “62%” say they liked this horrid lunker. Simple proof everyone is off their collective rocker.  Seriously, I’ve changed some of my 1.5 year old’s poops that had more charm than this movie.

I mean c’mon folks. I’d rather watch the old Metal Gear Solid 2 drivel cut scenes than sit through this stink-o rama again.


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