So we are all truly screwed

I love these tripe internet news fluff pieces intend to be shared along on social media sites with a catchy, click bate headline designed draw paranoid folks in.

Here is a prime example of the worst kind of click bait…(Ok, truthfully the piece I saw the other day that said “not to get your wisdom teeth pulled” was worse)

First, the news above is nothing new. The universe is expanding in to the black and we’ve known that for years.

Second, the article uses a horrible metaphor (parked on a couch doing nothing?) as plenty of creative actions are still full at work within galactic dynamics (IE Planet creation, Galactic collisions. ETC ). The real metaphor, is like our current very real situation, we live in a real system that has a certain finite shelf life , that in itself also revolves or expands around/away from  other, very finite things, IE  the metaphor of our own “solar system.” So forget about meat headed analogies to couches and think more like we are living on a planet (whose life supporting dynamics are finite and fragile) orbiting a medium sun (whose life supporting is finite and one day will sputter out or explode) living in an otherwise crowded space that has potential cataclysm lurking at every nook and cranny. Its no news flash that , one day, we could all be shit out of luck on both accounts.

Third, the time frame in this article, that is the time it would take for the “Universe to burn out and die”, is ridiculous and incomprehensible.  Of course this degrades into the typical “what would humans do then?” situation turns it even more to a tripe notion and intended to serve as pseudo intellectual click bait.  I can see it now, “Oh shit! The Universe is burning out! What must we do??” As a unified race (which of course, we are not), our ego and conceit , the need to focus everything on a collective “us” is just amazing. Our sun and own system would have been long gone by any potential time frames the article implies. The Milky Way galaxy would have likely collided with Andromeda, and, for that matter,  half a million other galaxies. Perhaps, we’d had evolved into energy beings who poop neutrons by then. Optimism is always nice. But more likely,  we’d probably have long extincted ourselves from a million billion other reasons, half of which we do little to nothing to prevent or prepare for.

Frankly, its also a gross over calculation of our ability to be right. I mean, we just blew the top off of what we think of exoplanets like Pluto or Ceres not a few weeks ago. If one thing in astrophysics, astronomy and stellar geology is constant, its that we are nearly always proving ourselves wrong and the models need constant re visioning. I mean how’s dark matter working out?

Let me also say, I am not attacking the  research here. This is sound science and does have some functional role. I guess I just resent how this stuff gets packaged to us, which from the look of it, does not entirely make an innocent broker out of the researchers or writers.

BTW I’m no scientist, but I know drivel clickbait when I see it.


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