Logan’s Run (film)

I watched Logan’s run the other day. Really, the movie is quite good. For some reason, if you say “70s cheesy sci fi” this flick pop right in my head. In many ways, warts and all, the film just personifies science fiction.

First off, it stars none other than the legend Michael York in the lead role of Logan Five. I can never get “Basil Exposition” out of my head when I see him. Truthfully, the guy just reminds me of warm fuzzies of cheesy 70s flicks. He’s pretty solid in the movie, though he hams it up quite a bit (notably his scene near the end trying to convince the crowds to free themselves)

Second, the leading lady Jenny Agutter was one of the best looking dames to ever see light on the sci fi silver screen. She’s probably only a close second to Planet of the Apes “Nova” as one of my favorite 70s starlets. Seems like a real classy woman in real life as well.

The film evocs a lot of solid nostalgia, but really also had some decent and bold filmmaking. Surprisingly, the miniature city scenes were not far off from believable. The freaky music is derivative, but effective and bold. The shots of ruined DC were well done, and sets like the cascading water power plant are especially neat. There are certainly clunky parts, but overall the film is very well done.

That being said, the movie suffers from a preposterous end sequence that smacks of the worst Dues Ex Machina. I mean, give me a break. Why would the super computer send Logan out into the wilderness to investigate something if it couldn’t handle the contradictory info? Worse, the endgame exploding cityscape scene come off very poor and rushed. Given the limitations of the era, I probably would have made the electronics and power just die or lose power rather than explode.

Really, the film would have benefitted from a more solid antagonistic. Richard Jordan’s Francis 7′ s motivations are never well characterized. Additionally, the sinister computer AI ruling the city is bland and poorly conceived. Literally, the last forty five minutes of the film, from the point both Logan and the girl leave DC to return to the domes begins a stretch of forced character developments that requires the viewer to suspend all belief/reason. The characters just start acting stupid, which, unfortunately, degrades the film.

Near the end we get such classic moments like:

“You just wait here old man while we jump in this churning water turbine that we have no clue will even work as a way in the city,”

I was waiting for a sarcastic “Sounds legit,” from the old geezer…but nope he just waits their on those steps.

Really, there are many of these moments in the film. Yet, the product proves enjoyable nonetheless.

Yet through it all, you cannot help but enjoy the ride and see the echoes of some profound philosophical elements. The writing is a solid concept, but the execution is flawed. I don’t say this often, but Logan’s Run would benefit from a remake with up to date effects and some plot changes. I guess one has tried to get off the ground for years, but keeps getting mothballed.

I think I’m going to check out the book….which seems far different.


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