Some thoughts on random stuff

-I found my Ipod today wedged between the seats of the mini-van. I literally jumped for freakin joy. She’s been missing for eight months now – the little tart. It’s the same place I’ve looked for her nine or so times already, then suddenly she was just there. Oh BTW, on the first day of my vacation with my state tax return in hand. Good Day.

-Elder’s Lore is the best album of 2015. It’s a fucking masterpiece. Even if you don’t like fantasy metal bands that crank out 10 minute songs, give it a shot. Pick up the prior album Dead Roots Stirring as well. If you’re into sludge or any sort of metal worth a lick, you won’t regret it. Thank god for this album in light of The Sword’s piece of stinky poo. (reviewed below).

-Clutch’s Psychic Warfare is an admirable runner up. But it’s an Oort Cloud-ishly distant second. Muse’s Drones album probably brings up my top three.

-I’ve been spending a lot of time writing my book. It’s tentatively called Powered, and it’s about robots, Lovecraftian nightmares, Nazis and of course, “space marines and crap”. I’ve got nigh-75 k words in the can so far. I figure there is about 30k left to go. So far, I’m pretty happy with the product.

-I’ve been struggling to find time to read. I’m ¾ through that  Clarke Ashton Smith compendium. It’s largely crap, with a few polished turds. Sure as shit, HP and REH were far superior. But, for what its worth, there is a workman like respectability to a large swath of CAS’ material. He was prolific to say the least. Also, I finished a shorter Corbett book. I really was going to read Heinlein’s Moon is Harsh Mistress again this week. Have about four more books to get to before the  summer.

-I’m looking forward to checking out this Superman Vs Batman flick. Bad reviews = good sign for me. (Update: nope – it sucked) I saw Zootopia with my daughter and it was really bad. Got rave reviews though.

-NFL….stop with these stupid fucking rules changes.

-Marvel…stop shoving Sam Alexander Nova down our throats. Bring Back Richard Rider.




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