Nostalgia Article RE: Ghostbusters



My response to the author:

First off, I want to say that your statement that this dynamic is “mostly the domain of men” is an unsubstantiated potshot. Frankly, I challenge its validity and find the comment amateurish.

Now…some additional problems I have with your thoughts:

  1. You understate how the original source material was, usually at least, well received and critically lauded. As such, the remembrance of superior material is not “Nostalgia”….it’s a matter of record on any metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes archives. The notion of “Nostalgia” suggests a vapid emptiness and superficial label that belies the actual quality.
  2. You really blow past the lousy track record of the “modern” remakes.
  3. You don’t even mention the notion that the whole epidemic “replace white male” with X minority or female formula is getting to be a cheap gimmick, trite and tired.
  4. Worse, you really blow past the diminishing quality of returns on films by the mentioned female comedians set to star in this version of Ghostbusters. McCarthy has been terrible. Wig is hit or miss. Most of them come from a raunchy format type that certainly differs from the kid friendly dynamic of the older era.
  5. You underestimate how serial fiction or film works. Most of these properties you speak of were franchises. At one point, they relied on the initial success and premise to hook readers into following well-done stories of a reoccurring format. In short, they relied on rewarding loyal readers or viewers who would keep coming back to the table for more content. Fans invest in that…and that equates to a form of passion….not “nostalgia”.
  6. You underscore how fans have actually accepted reboots done right. The new Star Wars films were generally well received. Cabin in the Woods was embraced. The new take on Star Trek had a few doubters but was also mostly approved. It’s not some alien dynamic or impossibility for fans to accept reboots….especially in print or television. The rejected stuff just hasn’t been good!
  7. “Nostalgia” be damned, there are a few particulars of the Ghostbusters situation/backstory you are missing the mark on that are directly relevant.
  8. The material was really good. Not nostalgia good like the flippin’ Spiral Zone…genuinely good quality.
  9. Fans have been jerked around with this property…waiting for a sequel with the original cast for years.
  10. At one point, it was rumored a rival film was concurrently being developed that was a direct sequel…and this (all female) film ended up supplanting that.
  11. The GB sequel has been rumored to be in the works for years.
  12. The legacy of Harold Ramis death and the rumored rejections of Bill Murray to making a sequel. (he has since agreed to cameo)

In general, this is a very poorly written opinion that tries to moonlight as some scientific analysis more in the realm of fact than actual conjecture. Thankfully, my own childhood is quite intact.


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